Vortex Rok Engines give F-Series racer the ultimate prize in 2017 

Vortex engines have made the F-Series very special for over the past three seasons and their support is relentless in making the program better each year. It is our pleasure to announce the winner of the Mini Rok championship of this coming Gearup Challenge season will again be receiving the fabulous prize of competing at the Rok Cup International in Italy. A very limited number of drivers from the US have the chance to take part in this very prestigious event that attracts the best in the world of karting. 

Anticipating a substantial growth in the program from all the positive news from our shop, teams and vendors the stage looks to be set for an epic fight to be crowned the 2017 Mini Rok champion. The first race of 2017 will again take place at the very exciting GoPro Motorplex that always delivers a great race. This will be the first step to compete in Italy and race with International competition, this will be a trip of a lifetime. We urge you to Gearup and  “Accept this Challenge”